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Royal python seeks forever home


We are looking for a forever home for a royal python named Taz to give him a great start to the new year.

Seven-year-old snake Taz has been in the care of our Angus, Fife and Tayside Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre for over 75 days.

Dale Christie, assistant centre manager, said: “Taz is a beautiful lad but he still has some nervous tendencies whilst inside of his vivarium. However, when he is out and being handled he settles quickly.

“Taz will need a large vivarium at least 4ft in length with plenty of enrichment and places for him to hide.

“Taz will require an experienced snake owner who has done research into owning this type of snake and understands their needs. A confident owner who will be able to continue his handling and build his confidence would be ideal.”

If you think you can offer this beautiful snake a home, then please apply here




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