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Wildlife rescue

Every year the Scottish SPCA rescues thousands of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.

In 2014, we cared for over 7,200 wild animals - a new record!

We help every kind of wild animal in Scotland and are the only national animal welfare charity which rescues birds.

Find out more about our wildlife rescue work.


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Prevention through Education

Our free Prevention through Education programme for Scottish primary schools reaches more than 300,000 children every year.

We passionately believe our programme will have a huge and positive impact on animal welfare in Scotland for generations to come.

The results have been immediate, with fewer children being involved in animal cruelty.

Find out more about our programme.

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Rescue pets make great pets!

This Rehoming Week, we are encouraging animal lovers in Scotland to consider giving a rescue pet a second chance at happiness.

Volunteer this Rehoming Week!

We're appealing to kind hearted people to volunteer and help raise funds for abused, abandoned and injured animals this Rehoming Week.

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