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New home plea for adventurous lurcher Crypto

Crypto the lurcher

We are looking for a forever home for energetic Crypto the lurcher.

We have been caring for this sweet affectionate young boy at our Angus, Fife and Tayside Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre for over 176 days but sadly he has received little interest. 

Rebecca Raitt, Senior animal care assistant said: “Crypto is seeking a home where he can spend his days having adventures and his evenings cosying up on the sofa. He has a heart-warming nature, getting along effortlessly with all the staff and visitors to the centre.

“Despite a challenging past, Crypto is very responsive to praise, affection and treats, so he is ready to learn with plenty of guidance in his new home.

“This beautiful boy loves exploring the outdoors and having zoomies so will require a secure garden with high fencing where he can play freely with his toys and run around to his heart's content.

“He would thrive in a home where he's provided with daily walks or runs in secure areas, along with mental enrichment to keep him stimulated indoors.

“Crypto would fit right in with a family who understands his breed's quirks, especially around other animals. He could potentially live in a household with older children who are comfortable being around dogs, as he is a larger boy who still thinks he is a small puppy at times.

“Crypto can be quite selective about his canine companions, often forming close bonds with carefully chosen friends, particularly favouring female dogs. With patient introductions and ongoing training in his new home, he can continue to develop positive relationships with compatible companions.”

If you or someone you know can offer this loving boy his forever home then please apply here




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