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Homes needed for horses to ride out their retirement

Oscar the horse

We are looking for retirement homes for Oscar and his horsey friends and we are neigh kidding.

We have been caring for these oldies at our Aberdeenshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre for a combined 345 days but they have had very little interest.

Assistant manager Laura Hopkins said: “Our ‘mane’ man Oscar is looking for a quiet retirement home that can offer him lots of love. He is an easy-going boy who is not phased by much, he can be a grumpy old man at times but is easily persuaded with treats to be your friend again. 

“He is easy to catch in the field and will lead with ease. He enjoys a groom and a scratch from his favourite people. He is very good for both the farrier and vet.

“Oscar lives out 24/7 currently with appropriate rugs and shelter with both mares and geldings who he gets along with equally well. 

“Due to his old age he suffers with some joint pain and therefore would require to be on a small amount of pain relief while in his new home.

“If you prefer ‘mare’ of a pampered horse then Spirit is the one for you. She is a very easy horse to work with, is good to catch, lead and tie up. She loves a groom and she is very patient with the farrier and vet. 

“We also have Storm who is nervous and needs a patient owner, head-strong Brie and well-mannered Autumn.

If you or someone you know can offer these lovely horses their forever home then please apply via our website:

Lucy and Lola




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