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Happy ending for handsome Hendrix one year on from appeal to find him a home

Hendrix and Skye the collies sitting on a woodland path

A 15-year-old collie cross who we struggled to find a home for has now found his life completely transformed one year on.

Handsome Hendrix featured in an appeal on 2 January 2021, which was put out to press and our social media channels. Due to his age and his ongoing medical conditions, including arthritis, our Angus, Fife and Tayside Animal Rescue Centre in Petterden was finding he was sadly being overlooked.

However, one year on and everything has changed for the collie cross, who found his perfect home with Scottish SPCA animal helpline operator Ruth.

Ruth says, “Hendrix settled in instantly and has been an absolutely amazing dog to own. He has the cutest, cheekiest personality and is known for having a bit of a strop when he can’t get his own way! His favourite things to do are to play with his toys or take a car trip no matter how short.

“Seeing the change in him physically has just been amazing to watch and he's the happiest dog all day every day.”

But that wasn’t the only piece of good news lucky Hendrix had last year, he was also reunited with his best friend Skye! Skye came from the same household as Hendrix and when Ruth heard she was still looking for a home she knew what she had to do!

Ruth continues, “Almost six months to the day of getting Hendrix, I was visiting the centre to drop off some donations when the staff told me Skye still hadn’t been adopted.

“Hendrix and Skye recognised each other straight away so there was no question - I had to adopt her too!

“Skye was petrified of everyday life when we first got her so it’s been a slower process getting her to her happy place. However, we are finally seeing her personality shine now and she's becoming much more relaxed and outgoing. Skye absolutely loves the water and heads straight to it on her walks.

“She was a little overweight but she’s managed to shed those extra pounds and has become a much happier, more playful dog in the process.”

The team at the Scottish SPCA’s Angus, Fife and Tayside Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre are just as delighted that Hendrix and Skye have found their happy ending.

Assistant manager, Dale Christie, said, “We’re so happy that Hendrix and Skye found the perfect forever home and best of all it was together.

“It just goes to show that there really is a perfect home out there for every dog, no matter their age or their background.”

Anyone who’d like to find their own perfect pooch can view all the dogs currently available for rehoming on the Scottish SPCA website here:




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