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Forever homes needed for loveable ferrets

Darren the ferret and Princess, Crystal and Bear the ferrets

We are looking to give ferrets Darren, Princess, Crystal and Bear loving new homes after being in their care for a combined total of 382 days!

Delightful Darren, an albino ferret, has been at our Aberdeen Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre for 184 days and has yet to find a family.

Centre manager, Jaqueline McEwen, said: “Darren has been here at the centre since July and unfortunately his frustrations are increasing and he is desperate to find his forever home. 

“Darren is full of personality and enjoys playful antics. He is always up for an adventure and loves exploring every nook and cranny he can. Although he can be quite nippy while playing with the staff, he really enjoys playing tug of war.

“This adorable wee man is a real water-baby and loves splashing around during bath time!

“He is looking for a new owner who has either owned ferrets previously or has done plenty of research into ferret care.”

Princess, Crystal and Bear are a trio of ferret girls around three to four years old who have been at the centre for 198 days and are looking for an experienced home for new adventures.

Jacqueline continued: “These girls love to come out for some free roaming time, running through tunnels and carrying their cat toys around. 

“All three girls are very well handled and when they are not playing, they are all snuggled up in bed together keeping warm.”

If you or someone you know can offer these loving ferrets their forever home then please apply via our website:

Darren or Princess, Crystal and Bear





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