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Forever home needed for Guinea pig pair

Ginger and Angel
Image caption
Ginger and Angel Guinea pigs

We are looking to give Guinea pigs Ginger and Angel the best ‘wheek’ of their lives’ in a new home with a loving family.

This loveable pair are only 10 weeks old and were born at our Angus, Fife and Tayside Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

Centre manager, Anna Keen, said: “We would love to find Ginger and Angel a forever home as unfortunately they haven’t had any interest at all since featuring on our website.

“This duo are looking for a very special home with an experienced owner who would find looking after them to be ‘Guin-nae’ bother.

“Angel has a few lifelong health issues that will require his new owner to have patience, experience and an understanding of Guinea pigs to give him the extra TLC that he needs.

“They would love to be housed in a large enclosure with plenty of places to explore and hide, and lots of enrichment to keep them busy!

“These friendly Guinea pigs are well-handled and would make a great addition to a loving family.”

If you think you can offer this pair of piggies a home, then please apply here:




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