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Appeal for homes for overlooked rabbits in our Edinburgh centre


We are appealing for homes for overlooked rabbits in the care of our Edinburgh Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

The centre has been caring for 13 rabbits for a combined total of over 1,470 days and their longest resident, Josie, has been at the centre since June 2022.

Senior Animal Care Assistant, Hannah Bruce, said: “We’d love to find families for the rabbits in our care as they would be a lovely addition to the right home.

Black and white Josie has been with us the longest out of all the rabbits, spending over 200 days at the centre.

“Josie is a super intelligent, inquisitive rabbit. If you are quiet and gentle she quickly settles down and will sit still to be petted. She likes to know what you are doing and will come over to sniff and explore.

“Jarvis is a lovely English cross rabbit with beautiful harlequin tan markings on his face.  He has been at the centre for over 190 days.

“He is very curious and likes to see what is going on. He can be a little worried about being handled and would benefit from further gentle handling.

“Bucky is a friendly crossbreed boy who is ready to find a new home after being with us for over 180 days.

“He would like somewhere that has lots of space for him to explore, as well as a nice and cosy bed to snuggle up in when the weather is cold.

“Bucky will require a lot of grooming to keep his coat shiny and tangle free and also lots of toys to chew on to prevent him getting bored.

 “We really hope we can find new homes for all of the rabbits as they’ll make fantastic companions for any new owner.”

Anyone wanting to find out more about the rabbits or to apply to rehome them should visit:




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