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Appeal for homes for overlooked ferrets

ferret sleeping in a bed

We are appealing for homes for overlooked ferrets in the care of our Lanarkshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

We have been caring for the ferrets for a combined total of over 400 days and our longest resident, Lily, has been at the centre since June 2021.

Centre manager Gillian Boyle said, “We’d love to find a home for the ferrets in our care as they will make a brilliant addition to the right home.

“Poor Lily has been with us the longest out of all the ferrets, spending over 200 days at the centre so far.

Lily the ferret standing in her enclosure

“She is well-handled and could potentially live with other ferrets given the correct introduction.

“We also have another single female ferret in our care named Darla, who would prefer to be the only ferret in her new home. She came in to our care after she was found as a stray and sadly no owner ever came forward to claim her.

“Darla loves water and playing with her toys so would make a really fun companion for her new owner!

“She is still young so will need further handling to make sure she becomes a well-mannered member of the family.

“Sally and Suki are a bonded pair of female ferrets. They are looking for an experienced home as they can be a bit nippy when being handled.

“Lastly, Crash and Tumble are our bonded male pair. They came in to the centre as their owner sadly could no longer look after them.

“They’ve been well handled and love to play in their ball pool before settling down for a snooze!

“We really hope we can find new homes for all these ferrets as they’ll make fantastic companions for any ferret enthusiast.”

Anyone wanting to find out more about the ferrets or to apply to rehome them should visit:




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