Corporate Workshops

Learning and development is a big part of the modern workplace – and you can get the Scottish SPCA out to meet your staff and help everyone learn something new about animal welfare and develop in to responsible animal citizens.

Promoting the strength of the human-animal bond

Whilst we engage with hundreds of thousands of school children every year, we’re also meeting more and more adults and businesses to talk about our job. Whilst we rescue hundreds of animals every day, our education programme is geared towards preventing cruelty and promoting the strength of the human-animal bond. The goal is to reduce the number of animals who need rescuing in the first place.

Tailored workshops

If your business or staff would be interested in a visit from the Scottish SPCA, one of our education officers can tailor some enriching workshops where you’ll understand how we investigate cruelty and work with people to help them care for their pets. You’ll also get to learn about our industry-leading work to rehabilitate domestic and farm animals, as well as all sorts of much-loved Scottish wildlife.

The feedback we’ve had from corporates who’ve gotten involved with our educational work is phenomenal. For many, it shows how we are working to deliver systemic, long-lasting change for animal welfare in Scotland.

How do you book a visit?

If you are interested in a visit from our education team, get in touch on 03000 999 999 or email