What to consider before adopting or buying a cat

From cuddly cats that like to laze about at home to independent cats who like to roam and explore the local neighbourhood, no two are quite the same. If you are interested in adopting, rehoming or buying a cat, make sure you do your homework and work out which type would be best for you. 

You should also think about the time and money involved in welcoming a cat in to your home. Cats can be independent creatures and generally require less stimulation and interaction than dogs, but they still thrive on human companionship. You should make sure you have the time to groom it regularly and empty and clean its litter tray every day.

You’ll have to consider the veterinary costs involved in keeping your cat safe. If your cat isn’t neutered before you adopt it, you should consider having this done. You’ll also need to think about keeping vaccinations up to date to protect your cat from dangerous feline diseases, and regular treatment for fleas and worms. 

Where should you buy a cat from?

Well, our mantra is ‘adopt don’t shop’. There’s always beautiful kittens and cats at the Scottish SPCA animal rescue and rehoming centres looking for a furr-ever home. That being said, we know you may want a specific breed that you can’t get rescue. 

If that’s the case, please do your homework. Beware of online adverts and social media adverts and do your research in to the person you plan to buy the cat from. If it’s a kitten, find out as much as possible about the person who is breeding them. As with any other animal, the onus is on you to buy a cat safely from a responsible breeder. 

Regardless of who you purchase your cat from, they should be able to supply you with up-to-date information on vaccinations, microchipping, neutering and a full vet report. 

The person you are buying from should also be able to tell you what level of socialisation the cat has had with humans and other cats.

If you are interested in rehoming a rescue cat and giving it a second chance, you can see the fantastic felines currently in our care here