Animals and People Together Project

The Scottish SPCA works with and supports so many animals and people in every community. Recently we established a new project called the Animals and People Together Project or APT for short. The APT project team consists of the Scottish SPCA, the Care Inspectorate, SCAS (Society for Companion Animal Studies), Education Scotland and the University of Edinburgh. Together we recognise the impact human-animal interactions can have and how this links to the One Health One Welfare framework.

We want to support the welfare of animals that live on site or visit various establishments including nurseries, schools, colleges, universities, prisons and care homes whilst also supporting the benefits that these positive interactions can have. Together as a project team we plan to produce consistent guidance that will help people think about the types of animals that interact well with humans, safeguarding measures that should be in place to support all involved and provide clarity on how and when to seek support. Partnerships can make such a difference and we are proud to be working with some fantastic partners through the APT project and can't wait to share what we create so please keep checking this page.