Dogs Die In Hot Cars


It may seem like stating the obvious, but never leave your dog in a hot car. We typically get over 1,000 calls a year about animals being left in hot cars, so it’s still a serious issue in Scotland. 

During warm weather, we usually see a surge in calls to our animal helpline about dogs being left in hot vehicles. Our message is simple – don’t risk it. Whether you are nipping to the shop or going out for a few hours, it is not worth taking the chance. 

It only takes a dog a few minutes to overheat in a car. In direct sunlight, temperatures rise quickly inside a motor and this can cause heatstroke or cardiac arrest and ultimately kill a dog. 

We’ve prosecuted people in the past whose dog has died as a result of being left in a hot car – but we wish we didn’t have to. If you #DontRiskIt, your dog won’t be in danger. 

Here’s some more helpful tips for looking after your dog in hot weather:

  • Dogs benefit from being walked early in the morning or late at night as pavements can get very hot and burn their paws. If it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for paws.
  • Cooling bandanas, paddling pools or cold/wet blankets are a great way to help a canine keep cool in the heat.
  • If your pet seems uncomfortable, dipping their feet in to water or spraying a mist of water on to their face can help.