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Warning over discarded fishing tackle after swan rescue

close up of swan lying on grass with fishing tackle wrapped round beak

We are urging fishing enthusiasts not to discard fishing tackle, after a swan had to be rescued at Pumpherston Golf Club on 29 April.

The rescue of the female swan comes just weeks after the male of the pair had to be taken to a local veterinary surgeon due to injuries from a fishing hook.

Scottish SPCA animal rescue officer, Hilary Innes, said, “We were alerted to the distressed swan at around 12pm on 29 April when a golfer on the course noticed the bird appeared to be struggling to get out of the water.

“When we attended, we discovered that the swan had a hook through her beak which had become attached to a tree.

swan attached to tree by fishing tackle wrapped round beak

“We were able to rescue the swan and remove the hook. Amazingly, she was unharmed and could be released on the spot.

“This incident has come just weeks after we had to take her mate to a veterinary surgery due to injuries also caused by a fishing hook. We are further aware of a duck and some other waterfowl in the area being affected by discarded fishing items.

swan in carrier lying on grass being checked by scottish spca animal rescue officer

“Although the vast majority of anglers are very responsible and take care to clear away their equipment after they've used it, there is a minority of people who fish and don't respect the environment and the wildlife that inhabits it.

“We’re urging anyone fishing in this area, or anywhere in Scotland, to show some consideration and clear away every last piece of fishing equipment. This really could save an animal’s life.”

If you find an animal in distress, please call the Scottish SPCA animal helpline on 03000 999 999.




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