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Home appeal for overlooked snakes in Lanarkshire

Firecracker the rat snake

We are seeking homes for seven snakes in the care of our Lanarkshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

We have been searching for homes for Firecracker, Lance, St Patrick, Rumplesnakeskin, Severus, Rico, and Timo for a combined total of 951 days but unfortunately they have been overlooked.

Centre manager, Gillian Boyle, said, “We would love to find homes for the seven snakes in our care.

“Firecracker is a rat snake with a lot of attitude. He will need an experienced owner who is confident in handling a snake. Firecracker is not one for letting anyone pick him up and his new owner will need to build up trust with him.

“Lance is an inquisitive corn snake who is always coming out of hiding in his vivarium to see what’s going on. He is happy to be handled and would like an owner with basic knowledge of care and husbandry of snakes.

“St Patrick is a docile corn snake and, although a little shy at first, he can be handled. He loves to watch what is going on around him.

“Rumplesnakeskin is an inquisitive king snake who is always slithering about on display and is very rarely hidden away. He would like a home with a breed experienced owner.

“Severus is a boa constrictor that is almost 6ft long. He will need a breed experienced owner that will provide all that a boa needs for a long and happy life.

“Rico is a shy corn snake that would like a breed experienced owner as he will need daily handling.

“Timo is a curious corn snake who likes to be out and about to see what’s going on around him. He seems comfortable being handled but will require daily socialisation so he remains happy with human contact.

“All seven snakes are looking for homes with the correct size vivarium and the correct equipment to ensure they are happy and healthy.”

People can find out more about the snakes at the Scottish SPCA Lanarkshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre, or apply to rehome them here:




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