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Home appeal for overlooked cats in Angus

Derry a black cat

We are seeking homes for cats in the care of our Angus, Fife and Tayside Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

We have been searching for homes for Badger, Tubbs, Poppy, Bertie and Derry for a combined total of 327 days but unfortunately they have been overlooked.

Centre assistant manager, Dale Christie, said, “We would love to find homes for Badger, Tubbs, Poppy, Bertie, and Derry.

“Badger is an older gentleman who loves human attention. He does have some medical issues which will be fully discussed with any prospective owners but he is currently not on any medication. Badger can be quite vocal when he wants food or attention and would like an experienced home.

“Tubbs is a very shy lady who spends most of her time hiding but will occasionally come out of her hiding spot for food. She enjoys a head scratch or two once she trusts you and would like a patient understanding owner who has time to spend with her to boost her confidence around people.

“Poppy and Bertie are a beautiful duo looking for a home together. Poppy is the more confident of the two and enjoys coming over for a head pat and some treats while Bertie prefers to spend most of his time hiding. He does love a cuddle with Poppy and would benefit from a home that can work on his confidence.

“Derry loves a wee head scratch now and again and spends his time snoozing in his bed. He does get a little overwhelmed and spooked by sudden movements. Derry also has no tail but this doesn’t seem to faze him or cause any issues with his balance.

“All five cats are looking to be the only pets in their new home. After an initial settling in period, they may like to have outdoor access if rehomed to a quiet or rural area as we are unsure of their road sense.”

People can find out more about the cats at the Scottish SPCA Angus, Fife and Tayside Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre, or apply to rehome them here:





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