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Corn snake reunited with owner one year after ‘esssscape’

a small corn snake on the edge of a water dish

We have reunited a young corn snake with his owner after he went missing a year ago.

The reptile was handed in to our Glasgow Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre on 2 October after he was found outside in a residential area of Airdrie.

Centre assistant manager, Rachel Mansfield, said, “We put out a post on social media and managed to reunite the snake, named Emett, with his owner.

“We were shocked when the owner revealed he had been missing for a year!

“As Emett was just a tiny baby when they got him, he had managed to get out through a small gap. Snakes are notorious escape artists and can often squeeze through much smaller spaces than you might think.

“It’s amazing that this snake has managed to survive outside for a year through different temperatures and changes in weather- as well as eating goodness knows what!

“Since being home Emett has enjoyed a nice bath, a good meal and had a good full shed too.

“We’re always delighted to reunite an animal with their owner, whatever shape or size the animal might be!”

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