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Appeal for homes for ferrets in Lanarkshire

A white ferret sits on top of a white cage

We are appealing to the public to find homes for the 14 overlooked ferrets currently in the care of our Lanarkshire centre.

We are still caring for nearly 40 of the mustelids across our nine animal rescue and rehoming centres, despite recent appeals. The influx of ferrets over the last few months is causing major capacity issues at the centres.

Our Lanarkshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre has cared for 40 ferrets in 2022 alone.

Scottish SPCA centre assistant manager, Carrie Giannelli, said: “So far this year we have had more ferrets come in to our care across the Society than is usual.

“Our longest ferret resident is William who due to capacity issues started at our Ayrshire centre, was then taken to our Glasgow centre, and is now with us in Lanarkshire. He has been with the Society for almost 300 days altogether!

“All this disruption on top of being found as a stray has put a lot of stress on William.

“We would love to find him and all the other ferrets in our care wonderful homes where they can live their best stress-free lives!

“Ferrets make fantastic pets and have funny and cheeky natures. They’re very inquisitive and will definitely bring a lot of fun in to their new owners’ lives!

“They do need a lot of enrichment and exercise as they’re highly social, intelligent creatures who love interacting with their owners. They shouldn’t just be left in a cage and forgotten about.

“If anyone is looking for a friend for their existing ferrets, we’d love to hear from you as we have so many in our care that we’re sure we can find the perfect match.

“If anyone is also thinking about becoming a first-time ferret owner then please consider adopting an animal and giving them a second chance. Our centre reception is open 1pm until 4pm daily and you can give our teams a call or pop in with any questions you might have about adopting one of these animals.

“With so much ferret experience our team will be able to offer you all the support you will need.

“We’d love to see these overlooked animals start to generate some interest and get the loving forever homes they deserve.”

People can apply to rehome William and the other ferrets in the centre’s care here:




If anyone is concerned about an animal, please do not hesitate to contact our confidential animal helpline on 03000 999 999.

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