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Appeal for home for overlooked giant rabbits in Aberdeenshire

Claire and Katie two grey rabbits

We are seeking a home for two overlooked rabbits, Claire and Katie, in the care of our Aberdeenshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

We have been caring for the giant rabbits for over 200 days but sadly they have been continually overlooked.

Centre manager, Louise Griese, said, “After so long in our care we would love to find Claire and Katie the loving home they deserve.

“They both have their little quirks about them. Claire likes to eat treats out of your hand while Katie would rather boop her nose on you until you move.

“Their favourite time of day is when they get their fresh fruit and veggies.

“Claire and Katie are used to being indoors and will require a large area to call their own.

“They are two giant girls looking for an experienced adult, only home.

“Despite their size, they are sensitive and their new owners will need patience to continue building their confidence.

“We would love to see Claire and Katie find the loving forever home they deserve.”

People can find out more or apply to rehome Claire and Katie here:




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