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Appeal for food for 122 hungry hedgehogs

A hedgehog sitting amongst some leaves

We are appealing to animal lovers to donate food for hedgehogs in the care of our National Wildlife Rescue Centre in Fishcross.

The centre is currently caring for 122 hedgehogs and has cared for around 850 of the prickly small mammals in 2022 so far.

Hedgehogs arrive for a number of reasons, such as their nests being disturbed or seeming underweight or a bit shaky, which can signal dehydration.

Hedgehogs give birth twice over the warmer months, first around June and again around September time. Because of the milder climate in the autumn months, hedgehogs have been giving birth later in the year which means the wildlife hospital is still seeing admissions of young hogs.

We are appealing for help to feed these hungry hedgehogs and are asking for non-fish based wet cat food and specialist hedgehog food from Brambles, Nature Select and Spikes.

Items can be purchased from the centre’s Amazon wish list or via any other online retailer offering direct delivery to the centre. Donations can also be handed into the centre reception between 1pm and 4pm daily.

Centre manager, Chris Hogsden, said, “We have 122 hedgehogs in our care. It is a concern as we need to get them to a healthy weight to be released back in to the wild before colder weather arrives and they need to go in to hibernation.

a close up of a hedgehog's face

“If they don’t reach a suitable weight to be released before winter then they will have to stay with us until the spring or a mild spell. 

“Some hedgehogs are brought in as they’ve been spotted during the day. This isn’t always an issue so some do come to us unnecessarily. A healthy hedgehog should be quite round and a similar shape to a rugby ball, so if it looks a bit deflated and underweight then please call us. If a hog is shaky, this can mean they are dehydrated so always call us in this circumstance and, if you can, offer them water in a flat dish before we arrive.

“Wet cat food that is not fish based, Brambles Meaty Hedgehog Food, Nature Select Hedgehog Crumble or Spikes Semi-Moist Hedgehog Food would suit our hogs best.

“We’d be so grateful for anything anyone could spare and we know the hungry hogs in our care will be too!”

Food can be donated via the centre’s Amazon wish list here: or sent from another online retailer that can deliver. Items can also be handed into the centre reception at Scottish SPCA National Wildlife Rescue Centre, Fishcross, Clackmannanshire, FK10 3AN.




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