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Aberdeen man sentenced to jail and a 10-year ban for dog cruelty

Oldmeldrum man given five-year ban

An Aberdeen man has been sentenced to six months in jail and a 10-year ban on owning and keeping all animals for causing unnecessary suffering and distress to his two dogs.  

42-year-old Allan Gillies of Hilton Drive, Aberdeen, pled gulity to physically abusing his two dogs, Rex and Reg, at Aberdeen Sheriff Court on Tuesday 21 March.

Scottish SPCA inspector, Fiona McKenzie, said: “On Monday 21 February 2022 our helpline received a complaint of dog cruelty from a neighbour of Allan Gillies stating that he was acting aggressively towards his dogs. 

“The caller also informed us that Police Scotland officers attended an incident which had happened earlier that day. We contacted the police, who confirmed the dogs were still in the property and the owner was taken to hospital, and arranged to meet at the locus to inspect the property and animals. 

“On arrival at the locus we had a look through the front window and saw a black, adult Staffordshire bull terrier crossbreed type dog, known as Reg, loose in the living room.  From there we could see into the kitchen and saw a brindle and white, adult French bulldog, known as Rex, who appeared to be tied to a cupboard door by a lead. We walked around the outside of the locus and the garden areas were covered in several weeks’ worth of faeces.”

The Scottish SPCA were provided with CCTV footage of the incident which happened in Gillies front garden on 21 February 2022.  The CCTV captured the whole incident revealing Gillies brutal and cruel actions.

Inspector McKenzie said: “The CCTV showed both dogs to be fearful of Gillies and cowering from him.  During the incident Gillies lifted both dogs in an unacceptable manner and threw them, one being thrown off the exterior wall of the flat.  He hit them with implements causing immense suffering. Rex was hit with a long piece of scrap metal and Reg had the frame of a coffee table thrown directly at him. Reg could be seen trying to escape the table but it landed right on top of him.   

“When the police officers arrived they informed us that Gillies was still in hospital and they had the keys to the locus. We confirmed that, from the CCTV footage we had seen, an offence had been committed and we were removing both dogs.

“We immediately took both dogs for veterinary examination. Reg’s skin and general coat condition was poor. The skin was oily and there were large areas of scaling. His anus was red and inflamed which may have been related to his generalised skin condition. There were small wounds on his front left leg and he had a broken dew claw on his right.

“The vet viewed the video footage of the incident involving both dogs. She stated in her opinion the evidence she had seen in these video clips shows the accused handling Rex and Reg in a manner which was aggressive and completely unacceptable. Both dogs show fearful behaviours and both dogs had undoubtedly been caused unnecessary suffering and distress by his actions.

Alan Gillies has a previous conviction of dog cruelty reported by Police Scotland which saw him banned from keeping dogs.  At the time of this recent incident his ban had expired.

Inspector Mckenzie found this a very distressing case and said: “I was aghast at Allan Gillies cruelty towards his dogs. The pain and mental suffering Rex and Reg endured while in his care is unthinkable. We welcome the sentence that Gillies received and hopes no other animal will be caused suffering by him. “




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