Papaya and Kiwi

Pet details

Name Papaya and Kiwi Location Aberdeenshire
Age 3 months Sex Male
Breed Crossbreed Colour Black
Living with other rabbits I may be able to live with other rabbits Living with children I could potentially live with children of any age

These two young boys are looking to hop into someone's life.

The boys enjoy human interaction and will climb on the staff in the cubicle if we let them. They are super inquisitive with their age and we often find them cuddling into each other daily. They both will run up to greet us when we go into their cubicle.

Since they are still young and have plenty of growing to do, they'll thrive in a spacious living area, measuring a minimum of 3m x 2m x 1m, providing ample space for them to exercise and play. Coupled with opportunities for free-roaming, this setup ensures they can explore, hop around, and engage in natural rabbit behaviours. Enrichment activities are important to keep them entertained and mentally stimulated throughout the day.

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Papaya and Kiwi

Papaya and Kiwi

3 months