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Name Lottie Location Highlands and Islands
Age 1 year Sex Female
Breed Staffordshire Bull Terrier (cross) Colour Fawn, White
Living with other dogs I'm not able to live with other dogs Living with cats I'm not able to live with cats
Living with children I may be able to live with older children

Lovely Lottie is looking for active home that can keep up with her adventurous nature and eagerness for learning.

She has spent much of her young life in kennels so prospective owners must be understanding when transitioning her into a home environment. Whilst in kennels she does enjoy the sound of her own voice, particularly when she is anticipating going out for a walk which owners will need to consider if they live in a built-up area. She would benefit from having someone around most of the day whilst she settles into the home.

Lottie has previously lived with another dog and has a handful of canine pals here at the centre however, ongoing socialisation must be continued in her new home. She finds meeting dogs extremely exciting and just cannot contain herself. This means she can become quite vocal which other dogs do not always appreciate. She is currently going through some training to help her understand that she needs to remain calm during introductions. She can also become very strong on the lead when she has spotted another dog so, prospective owners must be confident in their ability to hold her.

She is a super clever girl who thrives during training sessions. She enjoys doing trick training with her carers and would make an excellent dance partner! She also has a very inquisitive nature and just loves getting her nose into everything whilst she investigates.

One of her most favourite things to do is to play raggy with her human pals. This will also be a good tool for prospective owners to use during training.

Lottie will absolutely flourish given the opportunity. She will truly make an excellent dog for a lucky new owner.

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1 year
Staffordshire Bull Terrier (cross)
Highlands and Islands