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Peterhead man handed 10-year ban and 100 hours community payback

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A man from Peterhead has been handed a 100-hour community payback order and disqualified from owning, keeping or working with animals for 10 years following a Scottish SPCA investigation.

46-year-old James Miller of Slains Court, Peterhead pled guilty to causing unnecessary suffering by failing to provide veterinary treatment for his dogs, Cyrus and Blue, on 21 November at Aberdeen Sheriff Court.

Inspector, Fiona McKenzie, said, “On 13 April 2022, we attended the property of James Miller following a report that his dogs had become injured whilst fighting.  

“On entering the building, we found blood smeared up the stairs towards Miller’s front door, on the landing and along the walls. Within the flat, there were a lot of blood smears on the hallway walls.  

“Miller informed us that the dogs had a fight the previous Saturday night, that the dogs had been kept separate since and that the injuries were not that bad.

On inspection, it was immediately obvious that Cyrus had severe injuries to the left side of his face. The wounds on his head, ear and eye looked extremely sore and had a yellow discharge consistent with infection. The room Cyrus had been kept in had a lot of blood smeared on the walls and a small amount of dog faeces.

“The second dog, Blue, also had a wound on the left side of his face. This wound appeared to be older as the skin was swollen and thickened with a yellow infected crust. 

“Miller stated that he had not sought any veterinary treatment for either dog.

“The dogs were removed from the property and immediately transported to a local vet clinic.

“Cyrus’ left ear canal was so badly swollen than it could not be examined. The vet discovered signs of infection and scars around his right ear as well multiple broken teeth, suggesting historical injuries. He also had evidence of mild dermatitis in his armpits, groin and between his toes which hadn’t been treated.

“The wounds on Blue’s cheek had become thickened and infected and one of his claws was swollen and infected. One of his legs were scarred and swollen, consistent with bites from another dog.

“Both dogs needed weeks of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories as well as daily cleaning. 

We are pleased that a disqualification order has been granted ensuring Miller can’t have another animal for 10 years.

“Blue and Cyrus had extensive, visible wounds which had obviously been bleeding profusely. 

“The older scars suggest that this was not an isolated incident.

“Without treatment, both dogs could have died as a result of the infection due to the depth and extent of their injuries, Blue and Cyrus would have."





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