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Patch's rehoming 'tail'

Patch in the flowers

When one-year-old foxhound cross, Patch, arrived at our Dundee centre in March 2022 he found the kennel environment extremely overwhelming and stressful. 

His previous owner was no longer able to care for him and it became obvious to our staff that Patch hadn’t experienced much socialisation or training as a puppy.

Initially, he was very boisterous and would jump up for attention. Patch would get so excited for his walks that he would pull strongly on the lead, almost crawling along the ground trying to get to where he wanted to be.

During his time at the centre, our dedicated staff worked with Patch using training tools such as a halti lead and a clicker to teach him how to be well-mannered on his walks. He also learned the commands ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ to ensure he would be calmer when he was ready to be rehomed.

Patch came on leaps and bounds with the help of our team and his goofy personality meant he quickly became a staff favourite!

It took 93 days to find the perfect home for Patch mainly due to potential new owners thinking he was smaller than he actually is! We also wanted to find a new family who had experience with similar breeds… then in walked Mr and Mrs Osborne.

It was love at first sight! Patch responded so well to Mr and Mrs Osbourne and the couple loved his quirky personality. They had a lot of experience with similar breeds of dogs so understood Patch’s needs and behaviours.

Patch went home with Mr and Mrs Osborne on 30 June and he has settled in brilliantly. He is continuing his training to become the best model canine he can be!

The team at the Dundee centre love receiving postcards with updates from Patch and the Osbornes. It really makes everyone’s day knowing that the hard work they put in has helped Patch land on all four paws with the perfect home!

Patch relaxing in his new home




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