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Our weirdest donations!

David enjoying blankets

Underwear, odd shoes and a video tape of Princess Diana’s funeral are just some of the strange items that have been donated to our centres over the past few years.

We are revealing some of our weirdest and wackiest donations as we urge members of the public to check which items we can accept before they donate.

Other strange contributions include curtains, crates of fake flowers, 250 raw sausages and 200 Brussel sprouts!

Donations we can accept

Deputy head of field operations, Graeme Innes, said, “Of course we are always incredibly thankful for donations people can spare and we wouldn’t want anyone to think we are ungrateful.

“While we do get lots of funny donations that have clearly been given to us with the best of intentions we have also received some items that pose a serious health hazard.

“Our centres have received open bags of food containing maggots and cigarette ends, which is why we can’t accept any food that is already open.

“We’ve also received cat litter trays full of faeces and pet beds covered in pet hair.

“People often donate duvets and pillows not realising that we can’t use them as bedding as they’re too easy for animals to rip up and possibly harm themselves by ingesting or becoming tangled in them.

“We don’t want to put anyone off donating to our centres but we would just ask that they take a quick look at our website beforehand to check which items we can and can’t accept.

“If the item they want to donate is not on the list, or is large or something unusual we’d ask them just to give their nearest centre a call first to make sure they can accept it.

“We are so grateful, especially in these difficult times, that people think of us and want to help.”

Anyone wishing to donate items to one of the Scottish SPCA’s animal rescue and rehoming centres can check which items they can accept here: or call 03000 999 999 to speak to their local centre.




If anyone is concerned about an animal, please do not hesitate to contact our confidential animal helpline on 03000 999 999.

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