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Tailored birthday videos for someone special

Create a tailored video as a birthday gift for someone special and help Scotland’s animals.

Your Big Day offers videos tailored to a specific date in history, using archive footage and narrated by former BBC and ITV newscaster, Martyn Lewis.

Create your video today using code 'SSPCA'  and the Scottish SPCA will receive a donation of £6, helping us to care for Scotland’s animals.

Your Big Day


Donate your birthday on Facebook

Is your birthday coming up soon? If so, you can now donate your birthday to Scotland’s animals on Facebook.

It’s quick and easy to start your birthday fundraiser. Just setup your fundraising page and share it with your friends.

By donating your birthday, you’ll be helping to keep Scotland’s animals safe from harm.

Donate your birthday



 How birthday donations help

Donations like yours help us care for Scotland's animals. Animals like Opal, a two day old puppy who was hand reared and fostered by Mica, an animal care assistant at our Lanarkshire centre, until she was ready for her forever home.


£5.00 could pay for...

£20.00 could pay for...

£50.00 could pay for...

Dog and carer
Fiona and horse
hedgehog space

The care of a dog for one day.

The care of a horse for one day.

The care of a hedgehog for 50 days.