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Krew's on the hunt for a new home

Krew relaxing in his bed

Krew the cat is looking for a new home after being overlooked for over 100 days

We are appealing to animal lovers to find a home for semi-longhaired cat, Krew, who is currently in the care of our Aberdeenshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

Krew has been at the centre for over 100 days but unfortunately he has been continually overlooked.

Centre manager, Louise Griese, said, “Krew has undergone quite the transformation since he came into the centre as a stray. It has been amazing to see him blossom into a happy and confident cat.

“We initially thought he would be best suited as a farm cat due to his lack of interest in human affection. At first, he showed no emotion towards staff members and would only interact with us by hissing.

“However it seems Krew was only pretending not to like people! He has had a massive change of heart within the last few weeks and has become one of the most affectionate cats in the cattery.

Krew sticking his tongue out

“This handsome lad adores being stroked and brushed and comes charging down the stairs in his cubical to be fussed over. In fact, sometimes he enjoys head scratches so much that he now gets quite upset when you stop and will paw you for more attention!

“He loves having a catnap in a cosy bed but self-maintenance isn't high on his priorities, hence his scruffy appearance! We would be looking for a home that could help him out with regular grooming.

“Krew is thought to be around eight years old. He has been used to living outdoors therefore he would benefit from a rural home with plenty of space where he can roam freely.

“As Krew can be wary of new situations, he would be best suited to an adult only home or one with older, teenage children.”

If you are interested in giving Krew a new home, please apply here.




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