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Former gamekeeper who filmed animal fights for Tik Tok sentenced

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A gamekeeper who encouraged sick animal fights and filmed them for Tik Tok has been sentenced to a five-year ban on owning or keeping animals and 175 hours of community service.

Ryan Martin, 23, of Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire was convicted at Aberdeen Sheriff Court on 5 December 2023. Under the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006, Martin was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to three dogs under his care and keeping or training dogs for the purposes of animal fights.

With the support of Police Scotland, our special investigations unit (SIU) executed a warrant at Martin’s address in Laurencekirk on 10 February 2022, after receiving information that Martin was using his dogs to fight and bait wild animals. 

Martin shared numerous videos, featuring his severely injured dogs, killing foxes and badgers on Snapchat and Tik Tok. Throughout the clips, Martin can be heard encouraging the dogs to attack. 

The three dogs, Storm, Beau and Boss, were taken to be examined by a vet. It was confirmed that their facial injuries were consistent with animal fighting which would have caused them pain and suffering. Items seized from Martin’s address tested positive for badger DNA as well as fox and deer DNA, confirming his involvement in animal fighting.

A special investigations officer said: “The level of cruelty Martin inflicted on both wild animals and his own dogs undoubtedly caused severe physical and psychological pain and suffering. 

“Our special investigations unit leads the way when it comes to taking on these brutal groups involved in animal fights. This was an incredibly sophisticated investigation which showed the accused was guilty.

“No animal deserves to be injured or killed in the name of sport, or left to die a slow painful death. 

“Without a custodial sentence, our fear is that Martin, and others who are involved in animal fighting, won’t stop offending.

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