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Be Safe. Be Kind. Be Smart.

Firefighters are here to keep everyone safe especially on Bonfire Night. If a firefighter or a fire engine is attacked they cannot help someone who needs them if they have been in a fire, road or water incident.

Help keep everyone safe by being safe, being kind and being smart.

Hi! I’m Ben.

You will meet me shortly in my video. I wanted to share my story and encourage you all to think about #FireworkSafety. I was injured by a firework when I was just four years old and even though I am now in Secondary school I still require lots of hospital visits. We need young people in Scotland especially Secondary school pupils to be #FireworkSafety ambassadors and keep our friends and our families safe. So I need your help.

This is what you need to do:

1. Watch the video where you get to meet me

2. Have a go at my interactive game and try and learn some facts as you go

3. Put what you have learnt to the test and complete my quiz

So, lets get started…..





So did you learn something new? Did hearing my story make you think more about being safe around fireworks and bonfires? I hope so. Thanks for listening and please share what you have learnt with your families and friends. Think about #FireworkSafety and Be Safe, Be Kind and Be Smart.