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Retirement home needed for overlooked cat


The Scottish SPCA is seeking a loving retirement home for an older cat in the care of its Aberdeenshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

We have been searching for a new home for Clementine, but sadly she has been overlooked for other younger cats.  

Clementine also has some medical needs, which has made the search for the perfect home even harder.

Centre manager, Louise Griese, said, “Clementine came in to our care as a stray in very poor condition, and unfortunately an owner never came forward for her.

“The poor thing needed to be de-matted on arrival, but she has since regrown all her fur, gained weight, and is back feeling beautiful again!

“Clem is estimated to be between 10 and 12 years old, and we would love to find her the perfect home to live out her golden years.

“She is a sweet but shy little lady.

“She loves to spend her days in a cosy bed, but is happy to get attention when snuggled up on someone’s lap.

“In the right home with lots of love we are sure Clem will blossom and grow in confidence.

“We are looking for an indoor home for her as with her age and temperament we think she’d be happier inside.

“She has hyperthyroidism but her bloods are stable. She currently requires medication three times a day which she takes with no fuss at all. We’re hopeful that in the future her medication could be reduced to two times daily, but she will need to stay on the medication for the rest of her life and have blood tests a couple of times a year.

“Unfortunately she has also had cat flu in the past and although she has recovered well, she will always be a carrier and will need to be the only cat in her new home.

“Sadly because of her medical needs and her age, she has had little interest.

“We are hoping that there is an understanding person out there who can see the wonderful companion Clementine could be and give her the chance she deserves.”

People can apply to rehome Clementine here:




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