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Luna's rehoming 'tail'


Luna arrived at our Caithness centre in March, as she sadly wasn’t getting along with the other cats she lived with, and kept pinching all their food!

Little did we know, Luna had actually eaten a very small cotton reel in her previous home and became very ill not long after she came in to the centre’s care. Thankfully, our specialist animal care staff were able to spot the signs that something wasn’t right.

Luna went completely off her food, despite showing signs that she wanted to eat. She also passed very little faeces and began being sick. She was rushed to an emergency appointment with our vet, who put Luna under anaesthetic for x-rays.

It was found that she had two foreign bodies in her intestines. The thread from the spool had wound around her gut which had caused perforation in four places. The vet advised us of the seriousness of her condition, and we prepared for the worst. Luna was extremely poorly, and her prognosis was very poor.

She stayed with our vets for a good few days under observation and we were elated when against all odds her health improved. She wasn’t as happy that she was on cage rest for a good while, whilst she recuperated in the centre.

She went from strength to strength once back in our care, and started to put weight on. She had her wound checked regularly and eventually had her stitches removed.

After a few months of TLC she was pretty much back to being a normal, happy and healthy cat after her ordeal.

We were so happy when Luna was finally able to be rehomed at the beginning of June to a lovely lady who works from home in Orkney. We wanted Luna to have a home with someone who was around most of the day to keep an eye on her, as our vets had stated she wouldn’t be so lucky next time if it happened again.

After a dramatic few months was are delighted to report that Luna is thriving in her new forever home!




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