No Bad Breed

While we fully support legislation to protect the public, the Scottish SPCA believe any breed of dog can be potentially out of control and dangerous in the wrong hands.

There’s no such thing as a dangerous breed.

Every year we are forced to put dogs to sleep on the instruction of a court who have never harmed anyone. But an outdated law has determined they are dangerous. If they were any other breed, they’d be off to a loving forever home for a second chance at the life they deserve.

We want to see Section One of the Dangerous Dog Act scrapped, or at the very least amended, so banned breeds and types who come in to our care and have not harmed anyone can be rehomed.

Please lend your support to our campaign by signing our petition if, like us, you believe there’s #nobadbreed.

Doyle's Story

Doyle was in the care of our Lanarkshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre for 58 days before being put to sleep in November 2018.

Although he was a bit nervous when he first came in to the centre, and would bark and run away from staff, after our dedicated team worked with him for a week or so he soon decided they weren’t so scary after all!

Doyle loved running around with his toys but most of all he loved getting attention from the team. He took everything in his stride and adored every person and dog he met while he was at the centre.

If Doyle had been any other breed of dog his story would have a happy ending and possibly featured as one of the happy ‘Rehoming Tails’ on our website. Sadly, it wasn’t to be and we were forced under the instruction of a court to put Doyle to sleep once he was determined to be a pit bull type.

The team who cared for Doyle during his time at the centre were, understandably, devastated.

We hope that the government will see sense and review the legislation so no more dogs have to suffer the same fate as Doyle.