Help raise funds for Scotland’s animals

by recycling items you no longer need or use


What can be recycled:

  • Jewellery and watches (any condition)
  • Electronics (mobile phones, cameras, Sat-Navs, Ipods, MP3 players, games consoles, games and accessories)
  • Currency (coins, notes and foreign currency accepted even if out of circulation)
  • Stamps (any variety, any age)
  • Clothing and textiles



The Process


1. Banknotes, Jewellery + Watches

Small amounts of these items can be donated by popping them into an envelope no bigger than A5 size, and downloading the following freepost label here.

Or you can email to request a freepost envelope.

If you would like your donation acknowledged by Recycling For Good Causes, please add a letter with your name and email address into the envelope.


2. Stamps

Stamps should be sent separately to other items. Simply cut or carefully rip off the postage stamp from used envelopes, being careful not to damage the stamp, and once you have a collection post them in an envelope to:

Scottish SPCA
PO Box 16992
Sutton Coldfield
B73 9YA


3. Electronics, loose currency + larger donations of any items

For donations of larger amounts of items that weigh 10kg or more, Recycling for Good Causes will be happy to arrange collection.

Step 1

You can simply call 0800 633 5323 or visit and you will be sent all that you need to start your recycling project including a sack or box to collect your items in.

Step 2

Once the sack is filled to a minimum weight of 10kg (maximum weight of 30kg) you can call 0800 633 5323 and Recycling for Good Causes will arrange collection of it, free of charge and at a convenient time for you.

Step 3

Remember to include our charity name and the address:

Scottish SPCA
Kingseat Road
KY11 8RY

Recycling for Good Causes will then send us a cheque for 75% of the value of the goods.

If you would like your donation acknowledged by Recycling For Good Causes, please add a letter with your name and email address into the envelope.


4. Clothing and textiles

Donating your textiles and unwanted clothing not only helps to raise vital funds to support animals across Scotland, but it’s also better for the environment.

You can recycle any clean adult’s or children’s clothing that can be re-worn as well as handbags, linen, paired shoes, blankets, towels and curtains. Simply put them in black bin bags and pop them in the recycling bin at any of the following locations.

We have recycling banks outside of most of our centres:

  • Angus, Fife and Tayside
  • Highlands and Islands
  • Aberdeenshire
  • Lanarkshire
  • National Wildlife Rescue Centre
  • Edinburgh and Lothians
  • Dunbartonshire and West of Scotland
  • Glasgow

For full addresses, click here.

There is also a bank at High School of Glasgow and one outside our headquarters:

Scottish SPCA
Halbeath Interchange Business Park
Kingseat Road
KY11 8RY




If you’d like to recycle your car and make a HUGE difference to the lives of Scotland’s animals you can visit for more information.

Unfortunately, we do not accept ink cartridges or any other items not listed above for recycling. If you wish to recycle items such as these privately and make a donation to us instead then you can do so here:

To see a list of items you can donate to the animals in our care, click here.