Gift Hope to Hedgehogs

Every single animal in the care of Scottish SPCA deserves a little bit of hope. 
And we treat record numbers of hedgehogs at our National Wildlife Rescue Centre, many of which are babies that would not have survived in the wild.

As Scotland’s only all animal emergency service, our rescues wouldn’t be possible without the support of animal lovers who gift a little bit of hope every time they make a donation.

Where does my Gift of Hope go?
If you buy a gift or choose one on behalf of someone else, you’ll be helping hedgehogs in urgent need of care, love and attention. Your hope will go towards providing a safe, warm space, food and veterinary treatment until they regain the strength to be released back in the wild.

What do I get?
To thank you for your donation gift towards hedgehogs, we’ll send you a Hope Pact via email with information about our work.