Sponsor a bird unit

Bird with its beak open


Why sponsor a bird unit?

The sponsorship of a bird unit at our National Wild Life Rescue Centre could provide care for wild birds in urgent need of medical treatment. At our centre, we provide care for many different birds from nestlings to birds of prey. Many of which would not survive in the wild without coming to our centre for urgent care and rehabilitation.

By sponsoring a space, you could provide birds in our centres with shelter, a healthy diet, vital care and veterinary treatments they need until they are strong enough to be released back into to the wild.

Sponsor a Space Thank-you Pack

After checkout, you will receive a Sponsor a Space thank-you pack which includes; a personalised thank-you letter and certificate of your sponsorship.

Sponsoring as a Gift to Someone else 

You can sponsor an enclosure as a gift for a friend or family member who loves birds.

If you choose to do this, we will send a special gift card alongside the thank-you pack to the gift recipient.