Our one-of-a-kind national wildlife hospital is now operating beyond capacity with twice as many casualties as it was designed to treat. We now care for over 10,000 animals from tiny baby birds to injured seals and these animals can be with us for many months.

It costs £800,000 a year to run our centre and the pressure on our resources at present is immense. We need new equipment, medicine and food to continue caring for animals until they can be returned to the wild.


We need urgent help

We rely on our generous members and supporters to continue doing our vital work. We receive no government funding and are separate from the RSPCA who do amazing work in England and Wales.

A donation today to our Emergency Wildlife Appeal will help us secure Scotland’s most iconic wildlife for future generations.

Call 0800 520 0993 to make a donation by phone or text WILD to 70480 to donate £10