£180 for 180 years

Scottish SPCA

Help celebrate our 180th birthday!

We are celebrating 180 years of being Scotland’s animal champions. We have cared for, rescued, rehabilitated, rehomed and released animals across Scotland for almost two centuries.

The Society was founded on 18 December 1839 in Edinburgh to protect overworked horses on the busy streets of Leith. Since our inception, we have grown to champion the wellbeing of animals across the country. We now have nine animal rescue and rehoming centres and one dedicated wildlife rescue centre.

To help us celebrate this milestone, we are asking our supporters to help us raise funds to continue our vital work.

Who can get involved?

We want individuals, schools, groups, sports teams and more! Anyone with a passion for animal welfare can get involved.

We are asking people to raise £180 through any activity they like.

What can you do?

Would you like to knit 180 blankets? Do 180 cartwheels or keepy uppies? Bake 180 cakes? Or be silent for 180 minutes? Whatever it is, we would love you to take part.

Members of our teams have set their goals for the year. Michael, our head of communications, has committed to running 180km in 180 days. Senior vet Jo, has devoted herself to running 180 miles to raise £180 over the course of 2020. Read Jo's blog here

What can you do for our 180th? 

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