Challenge yourself to walk or run 50 miles in October, and raise vital funds for Scotland’s animals at the same time!

To get involved, join our 50 miles in October Facebook group where you can find out how to set up your Facebook Fundraising page and receive a FREE Scottish SPCA t-shirt.

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Sign up now by joining our Facebook group and claim your FREE Scottish SPCA t-shirt!

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Yes, it’s free to sign up. Everyone who does sign up is encouraged to raise vital funds for the Scottish SPCA through a Facebook fundraising page. Head to the Facebook group to find out how.

Click here to go to the Facebook group

Head to our Facebook group to register for your free t-shirt.

Click here to go to the Facebook group

Due to demand, we can only offer one t-shirt per registered participant. Our fundraising team will be busy sending out the t-shirts as quickly as possible, please allow 21 days after registering to receive yours.

Our fundraising team are working hard to send your t-shirts as quickly as possible. Please allow 21 days for your t-shirt and bandana to arrive. If you have not received yours, please email and we will look into this for you.

No, we trust you! We do encourage you to use a free step tracker on your phone, such as Strava, a smart watch or Fitbit, to monitor your challenge. You can take a photo or screenshot of this and share it on your fundraising page for family and friends to see if you wish.

We are asking participant to aim for a £150 fundraising target. However, every penny counts, any amount you raise will make a huge difference to Scotland’s animals.

We encourage everyone who is taking on the challenge to create a fundraising page. You can make a self-donation on there. You never know, your friends and family might want to support you too!

Just because someone doesn’t have Facebook, doesn’t mean that they cannot donate to your fundraiser. The best way to do this is to ask for a bank transfer or cash donation. This money can then be donated to the fundraising page by you. You can take a screenshot of the donation on the Facebook Fundraiser for proof if needed.

Of course! October is when our Facebook group will be active and the majority of people will be completing their challenge. However, please feel free to complete your 50 miles in a timeframe that suits you.

Yes. This is your challenge, and we encourage you to tailor this to suit you. Just be clear to your supporters of how many kilometres you are planning to do throughout the challenge, so they are clear on what they are supporting.

No. You can complete the 50 miles throughout October, or in any time frame you choose!

Here are some of our top tips for taking your dog along with you for the 50 miles in October challenge:

  • Take water and a collapsible bowl on your walks and owners should ensure their dogs are well hydrated.
  • Avoid throwing sticks for your dog to chase- they can splinter and injure your dog’s mouth and throat. Take a tennis ball along with you instead!
  • If you are planning on running with your dog, build your runs up gradually to help introduce your dog to running.
  • If you do take your dog hiking try to avoid exercise with them shortly before or after a big meal, little and often is a better option while hiking. This will help avoid potential gastric torsion which can be a serious problem, especially with large dogs.
  • Remember that dogs cannot sweat and they only cool down through panting.
  • If your dog appears faint, wobbly or is struggling for breath at all while you are out, stop, find shade and allow your dog to rest before walking gently home.
  • Consult a vet if you see anything that causes concern.

Facebook will send any donations from your fundraiser directly to the charity. Facebook also take 0% of money raised, so all fundraising will directly support Scotland’s animals.

Of course! Although the challenge will be run through Facebook, feel free to get in touch with our fundraising team at and we would be delighted to send you sponsorship forms to complete the challenge yourself.