Save Bo

Urgent Helpline Appeal

"My name is Bo. I’ve been here since I was a puppy. I’m hungry and my skin is so itchy. I’ve not eaten for days and I have no water left. I don’t get outside and I’ve had another accident in the house. My owner is so angry at me. He hurts me. I can see a lady walking her dog. I hope she can see me."

Without the Scottish SPCA Animal Helpline, what would happen to abused animals like Bo?

Follow Bo’s story by watching the below video and find out what could happen if the Animal Helpline did not exist.

Would you be willing to help abused animals by supporting the Scottish SPCA Animal Helpline?

We receive no government funding and are completely separate from the RSPCA who operate in England and Wales only.

Donate now to help us keep the Animal Helpline.

Call 0800 52 00 693 or TEXT ANIMAL to 70460 to donate £10.