Sapphire's story

Sapphire the horse

Sapphire's previous owner was taken to court, banned from owning horses for a year and fined £200 following a Scottish SPCA investigation.

Commenting on the investigation and court case, Inspector Leanne McPake said, "Even with two rugs on, it was clear Sapphire was very underweight.

We were overjoyed when her perfect new owner came along to give her the fresh start we wanted for her.

Graeme Innes

"When we removed her rugs we were shocked by her emaciated state. Sapphire was so thin her ribs, spine and pelvic bone were clearly visible.

"The rugs she had been wearing were also wet and ripped and had started rubbing against her withers, resulting in hair loss and exposed skin."

Graeme Inness, manager of our Aberdeenshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre, said, "Sapphire made a tremendous recovery in our care.

"She's a sweet girl who loves a pamper but she doesn't suffer fools lightly and if given the chance can be a bit of a cheeky madam!

"It took a while to find her a loving new home and we even thought she may well become the 'centre horse'.

"However, we were overjoyed when her perfect new owner came along to give her the fresh start we wanted for her and somewhere fantastic to spend her golden years after all she's been through."

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