New home for Louie

Amos beforeLouie was dumped outside our rehoming centre in Angus in a horrific condition.

He had been left in the car park in a cat carrier and was suffering from badly overgrown teeth and a deep wound to his face, possibly as a result of an infection or an attack from another animal.

Fortunately, Louie recovered from his ordeal and found a loving new home with Ann McLeod, who read about what had happened to him.

"I called the centre as soon as it opened the next day to offer Louie a home," Ann said.

"Louie is a real character and is so laid back, despite what has happened to him in the past."

Amos todayCentre Assistant Manager Lesley Clark said, "Louie was in a terrible state when he arrived in our care but made a full recovery and was soon hopping around ready to be rehomed.

"Whoever left him in this way caused him a great deal of suffering and should have ensured he received the veterinary treatment he desperately needed.

"We were delighted to find him a wonderful home with Ann."


Dog rescued by the Scottish SPCA with new family

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