Fanta's recovery

Fanta the cat

We rescued Fanta when he was found burned and extremely frightened in Kirkcaldy.

The one year old ginger and white tom cat was discovered by a member of the public with severe burns to his face and body.

He received emergency veterinary care at our rehoming centre near Edinburgh, where we called him Fanta.

Chief Inspector John Chisholm said, "Fanta received severe burns to his ears and face and he was also badly singed over most of his coat.

"We believe he was scorched by a blast of searing heat, possibly from an ignited aerosol or similar.

"This was a horrendous thing to do to an animal. Unfortunately, we didn't receive the information we needed to identify the person responsible.

"Thankfully Fanta's injuries healed well in our care and he made a good recovery over time. The difference in him was amazing.

"After all of the trauma he went through, we were very happy when Fanta found a new home where he'll be loved and cared for the way he deserves."