Candy rescued from bin

Candy the cat and her new owner

Poor Candy was dumped in a wheelie bin and left to die.

Thankfully, someone heard her cries and called us to help. When Candy arrived she was thin and had cuts to both of her back legs.

Now Candy is happy and healthy in her new home with Lisa McIntyre and her family.

Lisa said, "I saw a story in our local newspaper about a kitten that had been dumped in a bin and an appeal by the Scottish SPCA for witnesses to come forward.

Candy is such a happy cat and part of the family now!

Lisa McIntyre

"She almost suffocated and could have died had it been a more remote location and no one had found her.

"I was so upset reading about it and couldn't stop thinking about her. Two weeks later there was another story in the paper saying they were now looking for someone to give her a home. I hadn't got her off my mind the entire fortnight.

"We don't know what her living conditions were like before she was dumped, but she was very clingy at first and wanted the close contact of being carried about almost like a baby.

"After a week, though, she settled in and came out of her shell.

"Unfortunately, because she almost suffocated, Candy occasionally has a bit of a cough and wheeze. It doesn't last for more than a minute but it sounds like someone having an asthma attack.

"It is part of the long-term damage of what happened but other than that she is fine. Candy is such a happy, loving cat and part of the family now!"