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My Profile

  • NameCeleste
  • Age3 years
  • GenderFemale
  • BreedPersian
  • Reference347928
  • LocationAberdeenshire

Celeste is a lovely lady who is looking for an owner who has experience dealing with a cat with urinary issues. Sadly she has suffered a very bad urinary infection; this has since been cleared up but she will need to be on a special diet and medication long term.

When Celeste arrived in our care she was in very bad shape. However after lots of TLC from cattery staff she has now blossomed into a beautiful girl. She loves being fussed over and is always willing to be centre of attention.

As she's got a beautiful long coat now she will need regular grooming to ensure she stays in tip top condition.

She has also shown some symptoms of cat flu whilst in our care so for this reason she will need to be the only feline in the household.

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