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  • Nala
  • Nala
  • Nala

My Profile

  • NameNala
  • Age1 year
  • GenderFemale
  • BreedBulldog (cross)
  • Reference343192
  • LocationAberdeenshire

Nala is a supersized puppy that has so much love and laughter to give.

After receiving the TLC that she needed, she is now ready to find her forever home.

Nala is a puppy at heart but she is a 30kg+ puppy, so her new home must be able to handle her in her daft moments.

She has been getting on well with her training, with the help of an edible bribe or two, and would need this to continue in her new home.

Due to her size, Nala requires an adult home where she can bound around until her heart's content.

She is looking to be the only pet in the house but with continued socialising out and about. She can be unpredictable with other dogs so this socialising must continue.

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