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My Profile

  • NameRuby
  • Age1 year
  • GenderFemale
  • BreedStaffordshire Bull Terrier (cross)
  • Reference340462
  • LocationAberdeenshire

Ruby is now ready to find her forever home after arriving in our care through unfortunate circumstances.

The first thing you will notice about Ruby is her beautiful big brown eyes, usually because she likes to jump up to head height to say hello!! Ruby has been working on her manners and is making progress but she does require a very patient owner that has a lot of time to guide her through the rest of her life.

Ruby seems to be crossed with a Kangaroo so potential homes must have a secure garden with at least a 6 foot fence/wall.

Every part of everyday life for Ruby is something to dance and sing about. She can get very excited over the littlest things especially her adventures; her nose hardly comes off of the ground. Ruby is working on her lead manners but potential owners must be strong enough to handle her at her worst so they can enjoy her at her best.

She came to us not knowing how to play with toys but has started to learn with the persuasion of food, so we are eager get her to play like every dog should know how to.

Ruby is a really wonderful girl that has so much love and potential to give. She can make you smile with just one cheeky look.

Ruby is looking for a home with no other animals or children and only experienced homes will be considered.