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  • Toby

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Toby has been a very much loved pet but due to changes at home has found himself in our care.

As puppies can be he is very playful and energetic. He likes to jump up and can be quite bouncy.

He loves to play ball and would spend all day at this.

Toby is good with children over the age of 12. He has been well socialised with other dogs and just wants to bounce about and play with them.

He has also lived with cats for a short period of time.

Toby doesn't like being left alone and will chew. He has been used to a dog crate and will quite happily sleep in this at bedtime.

His ideal home would be an active one with owners who are around most of the time.

Toby does travel well in a car.

He isn't quite ready to leave the centre yet but can be reserved.


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