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  • Rocky
  • Rocky

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  • NameRocky
  • Age5 years
  • GenderMale
  • BreedJack Russell Terrier
  • Reference334102
  • LocationAberdeenshire

Rocky is a typical little terrier who is ready to find his forever home after some TLC.

As mentioned, Rocky is a typical little Jack Russel who loves to ragger his toys and dive into every hole he can find.

Rocky needs to learn a little bit more of doggy etiquette including how to walk on his lead better. Therefore, he would need an owner who has the time to spend with him, be patient and point him in the right direction would be most beneficial.

Toys. Toys. Toys; Is all that goes through this little mans head and is the way to his heart. All he asked for is a box of toys and he will be forever happy.

A home without other dogs is best as he can get himself a bit wound up and forget his manners. A home without children is also a must.


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