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  • Agro
  • Agro

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  • NameAgro
  • Age10 years
  • GenderMale
  • BreedDomestic Short Hair
  • Reference333821
  • LocationEdinburgh & Lothians

Agro came into our care after his owner found themselves unable to look after him anymore.

This fella is a complete dude! But like with gremlins not being allowed food after midnight, Agro is NOT allowed catnip! Not unless you want to see him turn into a complete little monster and peel him off the ceiling! Hey, some cats can deal with it, others just go bonkers.

Apart from his catnip rehab, Agro is a cuddly, affectionate cat - unless you are a vet!

Agro is looking for a home, where he can get outdoor access via a cat flap.

Agro is not suitable to live with young children, as he can have his wild moments, and become a complete nutter. He is in no way nasty, but while he is going through cat nip rehab we think it is best to keep this little monster out of harms way (for their sake not just his!)

If you can offer the king of the cattery a forever home please contact our Edinburgh and Lothians centre.


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